Frequently Asked Questions

There are a few things you need to know to make sure your parcel arrives at its destination safely and on time.

Q.How do I book?

 A. You can book online via our website and then drop your parcel(s) into our depot, or you can simply bring your parcel(s) into our depot and let us do the rest. 

Q. What time can I bring my parcels in?

A. You may drop your parcels into our depot between the hours of 7am and 6pm Monday to Friday, and between 8.30am and 12Noon on Saturdays. Please note however that goods dropped in after 5pm weekdays, and at any time on Saturdays, will not be dispatched until the following working day.

Q. Can I request a collection time?
A. On same-day services you can request a time to suit. However for overnight and international services you need to drop the parcel into our depot at any time during our opening hours. No appointment is needed.  

Q. Do you only send/collect boxes?
A. We can only send boxes, letters and jiffy bags for next-day and international deliveries. Items packed less securely, (for example in bubble wrap, brown paper etc) can go via same-day courier; however they MUST still be sufficiently packaged for transport. We do provide a packing/boxing service at our depot, (fees apply). 

Q. What compensation do I get if my package is not delivered on time?                             A. Please refer to our terms and conditons of trading for details of compensation available for missing or damaged items. 


Customs Advice

Q. Do I need to complete a form for Customs?

A: If you are sending goods outside of the European Union you will need to complete a Customs Declaration. This information will be gathered from you at the point of booking and will be generated automatically. Alternatively, a member of our team can complete this for you at our depot.

Q. Will I have to pay customs charges when I send a package?
A. This is unpredictable and is at the discretion of the Customs body in the destination country. If they do impose charges, the recipient will be contacted by the Customs body directly and we are unable to get involved in this process.

Q. How should I describe the goods?
A. The simple answer is to be as honest and descriptive as possible. Never put 'gift' or 'goods' as this will delay the item in Customs whilst they classify exactly what the item is. You must enter and describe every item individually so as to avoid any delay.

Q. What value do I place on the goods?
A. The value entered must be for the replacement value of the goods

Q. Incorrect Customs Declaration
A. An accurate value and reason for export must be entered on the Customs invoice. If you submit an incorrect Customs Declaration a surcharge may be applied or the shipment will be returned or destroyed with any costs incurred being onward billed to the customer.


Damaged Items

Q.  What if my parcel(s) are damaged during transit?

A.  In the unlikely or unfortunate event that your parcel(s) are damaged during transit you must report this to us immediately. You may be asked for photographic evidence, and the goods and all original packaging materials must be retained in the event that they are required for inspection. Please note that once parcels have been delivered and signed for it is assumed, without any comment to the contrary on the proof of delivery (POD), that the goods have been received in good condition. In these circumstances we will be unable to accept any claim for loss or damage and so we advise that you always instruct the intended recipient to inspect the delivery upon receipt. If they suspect that the parcel(s) / contents may be damaged they should note this on the POD at the time of receipt.

Q. What cover does my consignment have?
A. Please see Terms and
 Conditions for details of cover. Note that the levels of cover depend on the type of service you are purchasing, ie Same Day, Next Day or International. 

Q. What do I need to start a claim?
A. In order to process a claim the following are needed:
i.  Photograph(s) of the item
ii. Photograph and description of the packaging
iii.An invoice showing the value (ie purchase price or replacement value) of the consignment

Q. Who can start a claim?
A. Only the person that placed the order can start a claim and all correspondence will be with this person only.

Q. How much time do I have to submit a loss or damage claim?
A. All claims must be received within 14 days of delivery of the consignment in cases of partial loss or damage, or 28 days from collection or receipt of the consignment where there is a total loss, (see Terms and Conditions for full details). We will not be able to process claims received after this date.

Q. How long will my claim take?
A. The industry standard to resolve a claim is 8-12 weeks. Parceleze aim to process any claim received within 28 working days.

Q. Are there any exclusions to the Transit Cover?
A. There are some exclusions that prevent you from making a claim. For example, you will be unable to claim for any items on our “Prohibited” or “Without Compensation Cover” items list, or if the item was not boxed or packaged sufficiently.
For the full list of exclusions, please refer to these lists and our Terms and Conditions.

Q. How will I get my item back if I make a claim for damage

A. The damaged item may (at our discretion) be held by us during the claims process and will not be disposed of or repaired until the claim is completed. If the claim is paid out in full, the item will not be returned but if the item is repaired then it will be delivered back to you if you wish.

Q. How do I start a claim?
A. All claims must be made in writing to our address or via email at hello@parceleze.com within the time limits specified.

Online Booking
Q. I don't want to book online, can I ring you?

A. In order to keep our prices as low as possible we are unable to take telephone bookings. You may bring your goods into our depot and we can take payment from you in your presence.

Q. Payment Methods
A. For online payments we use Paypal's secure payment gateway. In store we accept all major credit/debit cards (excluding AMEX). We also accept cash payments.

Q. Do you offer credit accounts?
A. In order to keep costs down, Parceleze operates only as a “pay as you go” service and is unable to offer credit facilities. If you are a business and wish to open a credit account please ask a member of our team about our corporate arm "Mission Despatch". 

Q. I made a mistake online, how can I change this?
A. Please e-mail hello@parceleze.com with the required changes and we will confirm if we are able to amend/change the booking.


Q. Does my item need to be boxed?

A. All parcels must be boxed (jiffy bags / envelopes are accepted) . Parcels via our same day delivery service do not have to be boxed, however they must be sufficiently packaged for transport.

Q. What address details do I need to write on my package?
A. You must label all packages clearly with the destination address.When you book you will be given the option to print out address labels.

Please visit our Packaging Advice section here.

Q. I'm not sure of the exact size or weight of my package.
A. You need to know this information to use our services. If these details are wrong, we will contact you to advise the extra costs, and your goods will not be sent until payment has been received. If we are unable to contact you, then after 7 days your goods will either be returned or destroyed at our discretion (see the introductory paragraph to the Terms and Conditions for full details). Please note that we have size and weight measuring equipment in store, so if you are unsure we can advise you prior to booking.

We hope that our FAQ’s will answer any questions that you may have, however should you have a question that is not covered on this page please feel free to email us at hello@parceleze.com. All emails sent during normal working hours will be responded to within 30 minutes of receipt.

Parcel Packaging Advice


Packing your parcels properly, ready for transport, is vital. Many people are unaware how overnight and international parcels are transported, and as such are generally not aware of what constitutes sufficient packaging.

All overnight and international parcels are distributed via large sorting hubs which utilise conveyer belt systems, much like those you see at the airport. This means that your parcel(s) must be packaged sufficiently to stand up to some reasonable punishment.


It is vital that your parcels are properly packaged, visit our packaging advice page for more information.

The Benefits of Parceleze


Parceleze aims to provide a simple, effective and cheap method for you to send your parcels.


Our unique website integrates with Sage Pay and PayPal to provide you with a secure process to make your booking.


We also make it easy for you to create your own log-in during your booking. That way without going through a long, time-consuming registration process you can quickly create your own account. This gives you the ability to create your own address book of regular pick up or delivery addresses - saving you time each time you book. You can also view your whole order history with ease and download your invoices should you misplace them.