Packaging Advice

Packing your parcels properly, ready for transport, is vital. Many people are unaware how overnight and international parcels are transported, and as such are generally not aware of what constitutes sufficient packaging.

All overnight and international parcels are distributed via large sorting hubs which utilise conveyer belt systems, much like those you see at the airport. Below are some very useful do’s and don’ts to help you ensure that you package your parcels correctly.  Remember, if goods are not deemed sufficiently packaged this will invalidate any claim in the event that your goods are damaged during transit.

  • Do  always use a box which is relative to the size of the item(s) being packed. This essentially means that you should avoid putting small items into a large box as they stand a higher chance of being moved around inside during transit. If you do use a larger box you must use plenty of interior padding (bubble wrap / foam chippings) etc to minimize movement. Also remember that the larger the box the more expensive the shipping cost, so it is in your interest to use a suitably sized box.
  • Do make sure you use a sturdy box, double or tri wall boxes offer the best protection.
  • Do use plenty of packing tape to make sure your box is well sealed.
  • Do make sure that you use plenty of bubble wrap, foam chippings or paper inside the box so that the items inside do not move around.
  • Do make sure that items inside the box do not bang together; all items should be individually packed/protected to avoid damage. Once packed you should be able to shake the box and be confident that nothing inside is moving around or knocking together.
  • Do not think writing things such as “FRAGILE” and/or “HANDLE WITH CARE” on a box will mean your parcel will be safe. Yes, it will identify your parcel as fragile, however it is no substitution for proper packaging and there is no guarantee that the various handlers will observe the notice.
  • Do not write “THIS WAY UP” on a box. If an item has to remain upright it is not suitable for transport via overnight or international courier. In such an instance you will require either a same day or a pallet service. If an item has “THIS WAY UP” written on it these instructions will be ignored.
  • Do not just “fold” boxes shut. They MUST be taped closed with an adequate strong tape.
  • Do not put loose items in a box without protecting them separately, for example bottles, or any other fragile item(s).
  • Do not leave anything exposed: all of the item(s) you are sending must fit inside the box.  Any box that has items sticking out may be refused by the carrier and will almost certainly get damaged.

We are happy for you to get in contact if you require any assistance with packaging advice; simply email us at

If you are using our drop in service we do provide a range of packing materials, and also a packing service (fees apply). To obtain a quote please email us with the details of your parcel(s). Please note, we are unable to accept liability if an item is damaged in transit once we have packed it; however all goods will be packaged in the correct  manner for the purpose of transport and so  any claim would not be rejected on the grounds of insufficient packaging. Items on our “restricted items” list cannot be insured under any circumstances, regardless of packaging.

Choosing a Parcel Delivery Service


There are two key aspects to choosing a parcel delivery service, these are reliability and of course price.


With Parceleze you genuinely get both. Parceleze  works with industry leading carriers such as Fedex and UPS,  plus a network of specialist wholesale carriers, giving us the ability to  provide expert knowledge and service reliability to every corner of the globe.


All this coupled with our bulk buying power allows us to provide our clients with an extremely cost effective, reliable and seamless service.

Choosing Parcel Delivery Options


Parceleze provide a full range of parcel delivery options including;


Same day courier services by bike, car or van.


Next day / overnight delivery services, including timed delivery options


international courier services - by road and by air.


Pallet delivery services within the UK and the rest of Europe.


Whatever you need to send and wherever you need to send it, we have the service for you.